Free Ride - Western Safety Stirrup


The Reward is in the Release
Rider using Free Ride Western Safety Stirrups, Proudly Made in the USA
Free Ride,Western Safety Stirrup. Leather keeper hides breakaway peacocks
The leather keeper hides the peacock on
our breakaway safety stirrup.

Welcome to Western Safety Stirrups!
Home of the Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup.

We believe we have the BEST product of its kind in the world. Our Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup is a good looking western stirrup that greatly reduces your chance of getting your foot caught in your stirrup and being dragged in the event you fall or are thrown from your horse.

Our Western Safety Stirrups are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA using American materials and labor. No outsourcing is used in the production of our truly American product.

You deserve the confidence and peace of mind our quality American made product delivers with every ride!

The Free Ride Western Safety Stirrups*
A safety stirrup specifically for western riders

• Time Tested, Non Mechanical Release
• Classic Western Style
• Leather Keeper hides Breakaway peacock
• Safety at an Affordable Price
• Custom Monogramming-FREE!


*Patent #8850781
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