Free Ride - Western Safety Stirrup


The Reward is in the Release
Rider using Free Ride Western Safety Stirrups, Proudly Made in the USA

For Certified Horsemanship Association members ONLY!

We are offering a special deal for CHA members*:
For each pair of stirrups purchased, we will give you a free extra pair of peacocks ($13 full value). We also donate $10 to the Certified Horsemanship Association so CHA members get to help support their organization while also riding safely!

You also have the option to order your leather keepers with the CHA logo on them. So you can have your keepers with just logo or logo and lettering. Or any of our normal styles if you do not wish the CHA logo on them. (You cannot have the logo with other corner choices)

When ordering, make selections as normal, if you want the CHA logo on your leather keepers, be sure to leave the corner choice as "Plain".

If you want the logo on your keepers, in the Referral Code/Jessi's Gift box, type in "CHA yes logo".
If you do not want the logo, make your other choices as normal and in the Referral Code/Jessi's Gift box type "CHA no logo".

This way you will be tagged as a CHA member and we will send you the extra pair of peacock and make the donation to the Certified Horsemanship Association. To open the order page in a new window so you can refer back here if needed, click here.

* This deal is ONLY for Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) members. Your information will be checked with membership to be sure you are a member. Thank you for your business.

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