Free Ride - Western Safety Stirrup


The Reward is in the Release
Rider using Free Ride Western Safety Stirrups, Proudly Made in the USA
Stirrup before the leather keeper is added
Stirrup without leather keeper
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Stirrup before the leather keeper is added

Design of the Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup

We took a time proven non mechanical release system and coupled it with good old American know how to create a beautiful new western safety stirrup. Though no stirrup can guarantee that you won’t be dragged or injured in a fall, the Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup greatly reduces that risk. For an additional layer of safety, we strongly recommend riding with a slip on boot rather than a lace on shoe or boot. Laces can get caught on tack, arena hardware, tree branches, etc., and once entangled, do not slide off your foot.  Since lace on boots and shoes cannot slide off your foot in an entanglement situation, you can easily get dragged by your horse or dragged off your horse with the real possibility of serious injuries resulting.

We use our version of the time tested peacock design so popular with English riders. The outside edge of the stirrup has a rubber peacock that is covered with a leather keeper. The rubber will pop off in a fall and that opens up the side of the stirrup. This allows your foot to easily come out of the stirrup. The leather keeper maintains the western look we all want in our tack while helping to keep the outside of the stirrup from hanging up or hooking brush as an English style peacock stirrup is prone to do. We feel strongly that we have taken a good idea and made it great!

We are VERY proud of the fact that our Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup is completely made in the USA by American craftsmen and craftswomen! The body of the Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup is crafted with alloy 356 structural grade aluminum. We use a marine hardware casting facility in New Hampshire to cast our stirrup bodies to the highest standards. The stirrup bodies are then heat treated to double their strength and sand blasted to create a uniform finish. This process is expensive but produces the best quality aluminum alloy product possible for the money.

We assemble the release parts, stirrup leather attachments and fairleads, rubber footpads and custom leather components in our shop in Campton, New Hampshire. The leather work and assembly is all done in house. This includes the custom stamping we offer on the leather keepers at NO additional charge to our valued customers. If you want something other than what we offer on our webpage, we also offer additional custom carving and stamping for an additional fee. Send us a picture or sketch of your brand or whatever else you may want and we will be glad to quote a super custom job for you!

The Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup is available in two sizes. 
Our Large size is 5 3/4" wide at the footrest by 5 5/8" tall with a 3'' deep footpad. This size fits most adults and will accommodate the average size rider. It will also accommodate large and wide feet. Folks riding in winter boots, work boots, etc, will want to ride in this size stirrup for sure.
      Our Medium/Youth size is 4 3/4" wide at the footrest by 4 5/8" tall with a 2 1/2" deep footpad. It will accommodate smaller adult riders as well as most youth riders.

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