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Jessi's Gift to Ruby. Original drawn by Jessica Harvey. Dec. 1999
"Jessi's Gift to Ruby"
Original drawn by Jessica Harvey, Dec. 1999

Jessi's Gift

In 2003, my daughter Jessica Harvey, tragically passed away.

Jessi was a tireless and staunch advocate for any and all creatures. A vet tech, animal rehabilitator and advocate for all animals, she rescued anything with hair, feather, hide or scales. Whether it walked, flew, slithered or crawled did not matter. She had no prejudices but she did have favorites.

Make sure we find somewhere safe for him to go, Dad!
Make sure we find somewhere safe for him to go, Dad!

Many of her favorites were the horses in her Life. More than one horse held a special place in Jessi’s Heart. Even though Jessi did have favorites, to her, all of the Creator’s creatures are special and sacred. They all deserve love and respect. That was Jessi’s perspective and it was not negotiable.

Ruby and Jessi
"Ruby" and Jessi. Ruby was malnourished and had a severe injury to her left front foot.Rescued and rehabbed in 1998.

I saw Jessi as a Gift to the creatures of the world. The essence of her Gift was simple and uncomplicated…unconditional Love. She gave her Gift of Love to so many hurt, abandoned and abused animals in her 30 years that it is beyond calculation to even guess at how many lives she affected. Her Life revolved around nurturing and saving animals from the moment she could walk and talk! She shared her Gift with no exceptions or expectations. I was constantly amazed and awed by the unadulterated Love in Jessi’s eyes when she was in the company of one of her critters. You could see it in the sparkle in her eyes when she would tell me of her latest patient. You could see it in the way a frightened or wounded animal would instantly calm at her touch, be stilled in her presence or relax at the sound of her voice assuring them that all would soon be well. I saw that Love reflected and returned many fold to her in the eyes of those rejected and cast aside Souls she so warmly and enthusiastically embraced. I miss seeing that look I so often saw in my daughter’s eyes. I miss witnessing the recognition of Jessi’s Gift in the return gaze of those she championed. It is a look I seldom see except in the eyes of other like minded Souls that dedicate their lives to easing pain and suffering and advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves.

I have been looking for the right vehicle to honor Jessi and her special purpose in Life. I believe I have found it. To honor Jessi’s Love and commitment to saving injured and unwanted animals, my partner, Robert Oaks and I have set up a program to donate to horse rescues and sanctuaries in Jessi’s memory. We are naming this effort, Jessi’s Gift.

Horses hold a sacred spot in our world and history. Horses have been carrying our kind for millennia.  Mankind’s road is littered with the bones of the horses that made it possible for us to be where we are today. Horses have carried us to war; they have carried us to new and wondrous lands. They have carried us to our final rest. Times have changed. Horses are no longer a necessity. They are considered a luxury. Now, they need us. It is time for us to carry them. Specifically, those in need.

Lorant and Jessi"Lorant" and Jessi at the beach. Lorant had a broken sesimoid bone. Jessi rehabbed him in 2001.

Neglected and abused horses, abandoned horses, horses in need of loving homes, Mustangs that should be running free, horses needing to be re-homed due to our current harsh economic times.  Any and all that are in need.  The list is endless. With the help of horse lovers everywhere and anywhere, we hope to make a difference.

Jessi was always smiling when around animals
Always smiling! Jessi lived in a constant state of Joy
when in the company of the Creator's creatures!

With every referred purchase made through a recognized 501c3 horse rescue or sanctuary, Western Safety Stirrups will donate $10 to that organization. For every 25 pairs of stirrups sold through that same organization, we will donate a pair of Free Ride Stirrups for them to use in their programs or for additional fund raising. For the purchaser using an approved organization referral code, we will offer a 50% discount on additional peacocks for your stirrups as a “Thank You” to that purchaser for helping a wonderful and just cause. (Order for additional peacocks MUST be placed at time of stirrup order!)

All better now!
All better now!

For me, the benefit is simple. The horses need us now more than ever. To make a difference in even one Life is a privilege. To make a difference in many Lives would be a profound Honor.  And Jessi will be watching. With a smile on her lips…and a sparkle in her eyes! The best part is that we will all be able to enjoy Jessi’s sparkle together. It will be reflected in the eyes of the horses we will be helping!

Thanks for your support and Ride Free!

Timothy Harvey ~ “Timo”
Robert Oaks ~ “Bert”
Micaela, Hannah and Emma ~ Jessi’s sisters

Jessi at work with one of her patients
Jessi at work with one of her patients

Louie the squirrel
Louie was an orphaned squirrel who became
a much loved addition to our barn "family!"
Louie would come running when called.
He LOVED Girl Scout shortbread cookies!

Jessi and Henry
Jessi and her beloved "Henry". He came to Jessi abandoned, starved, hit by a car with 2 broken legs and a broken hip. They were inseparable! Henry died shortly before Jessi passed away. They are together again, I am sure!

Jessi with an orphaned opossum
A young orphaned opossum. His Momma was hit by a car. I found him clinging to her body on the side of the road and took him to Jessi.
Ratty the rat
Even a common barn rat deserved love in Jessi's eyes! This is "Ratty!" He lived cage free in Jessi's house. He was litter box trained and coexisted with 3 cats and a dog!
Jessi and Lorant at the beach
Lorant" and Jessi at the beach. Lorant is a Holsteiner that won 5 puissants in Europe.He was retired due to his injury. Jessi and her sisters rehabbed him for pleasure riding.
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